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ELSEWORKS = Entrepreneurship

We encourage and promote entrepreneurship and positive social change in the community. ELSEWORKS provides students with unparalleled opportunities to work with experts to gain high-level business experience and engage the community.

ELSEWORKS functions similarly to business consultancy firms but is staffed by selected graduate business students who work alongside faculty of the Else School of Management to assist various businesses in strategic planning and execution.

Business analysts assist in the strategic development, implementation, and management of businesses at varying stages of the life cycle to help ensure long term success.  

Fall 2022 Business Analysts Projects


Midtown Mosaic

The Midtown Mosaic was meant to be a community museum housed inside a shipping container that would showcase the art and history that make Midtown unique. However, the idea has continuously grown into something of great magnitude, which consists of a nonprofit, family-oriented space that includes a children’s playground and overall outdoor space that represents Midtown’s art, music, and history.

Business Analysts:  Raj Agrawal, Amanda Kibble, Walter Johnson Jr., Molli Perry, Austin Ramey

RYAN HARP, MBA 2022 | Dream Maker, DRAFT Advertising Technology

Ryan was an ELSEWORKS Business Analyst 2021-2022

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