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An MBA from Millsaps Will Set You Apart

While it is well-known that MBA graduates earn significantly higher salaries, receive greater opportunity for career advancement, and have more job security, these benefits aren't simply based on the possession of a piece of paper. These benefits that set them apart are the direct result of the opportunities and skills obtained, mastered, and leveraged in professional settings, such as:

1. Broader Business Perspective:  Broadening your business perspective prepares you to make high-impact business decisions across departments, organizations, and even countries.  Our MBA program allows you to engage with classmates and faculty who possess different worldviews but similar interests, working together on group projects and applying your education to real-world situations.  

2.  Expanded and Diversified Network:  According to Forbes, "building a strong and diverse network is one of the most valuable things you can do for your career."  While working with other students, you will not only learn from your peers but also create long-lasting personal and professional friendships with many who may one day become CEOs, partners, company founders, and other industry leaders.  These relationships can be good sounding boards for you in the future.  Their friends will probably be invaluable contacts for you down the line. 

3.  Challenging Professors:  Our MBA program will put you together with great professors with a lot of experience who can really stretch your thinking.  These can serve as mentors, so do your best to build relationships with these caring professors and learn all you can from them.  In addition, our program is AACSB accredited.

4.  Acquiring Important Skills:  Our MBA program will help you learn skills that will be absolutely crucial to your career – such as how to manage and motivate people working for you, public speaking, teamwork, conflict management, and negotiations – through projects, case studies, events, and assignments.  These activities will also help you become a better communicator and decision maker, and companies are always looking to hire employees with top-notch communication skills.

5.  Strategic Thinking:  Understanding how the different parts of a business interact together and the steps needed to succeed is a coveted ability in the business world. Our MBA students learn to think across business functions, keep in mind the developments in related industries, and how to employ the latest in risk management and performance planning to formulate the best plans of actions to remain competitive.

More importantly, because you can continue working as you earn your MBA, all of these opportunities and skills can be immediately applied in the business setting, leading to an immediate return on your investment.

Let's connect and get you on the path to success.

What ELSE can do for you...

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Mandy Davis


Chief of Staff
Mississippi Department of Public Safety

"I was at a point in my life where I needed a real challenge.  The ELSE School of Management’s accredited MBA program has a solid reputation of excellence among the public and private sectors, and it was important for me to invest my time and resources in a quality program."

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