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Global Experienes

Global Experiences

Students enrolled in either the MBA or Master of Accountancy programs can participate in either of our study abroad programs and earn up to six hours of course credit.  Unlike other study abroad experiences, you aren't here to learn the language.  You learn about international business, including accounting and banking practices, manufacturing, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

The European Program

Study abroad in London, Dublin, Florence, or Munich!  The European Program offers a unique multi-destination global experience taught by Millsaps professors during the summer semester. 


In the mornings, you will participate in classes and in the afternoon take field trips to international businesses such as Lloyd's of London, BMW's Research and Development Center, the Bank of England, or a wine vineyard. 


Each destination will cover a different business topic, including manufacturing, finance, entrepreneurialism, and leadership.  The primary focus of this program is international business and culture.


Dr. Jesse Beeler

Murrah Hall 112-B  |  601.974.1264


Bank of England in London, England.


A cenote in Merida, Mexico.

The Yucatan Experience

Offered during the winter and summer inter-sessions, you will study and travel over a two-week period in the Yucatan region of Mexico. 


From Casa Millsaps, the Else School of Management's house in Merida, students will learn about the geographic, environmental, economic, sociocultural, political, and legal factors that impact the business environment of Latin America. 


Students will also participate in field trips that expose them to the history and culture of the region, as well as to various leaders of business, industry, and government.


Dr. Harvey Fiser

 Murrah Hall 112-A  |  601.974.1268

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