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How is Millsaps giving back to its community?

ELSEWORKS is the entrepreneurship program of the Else School of Management at Millsaps College, whose goal is to create positive social change in Mississippi and to grow the creative assets of our state to promote economic development.


ELSEWORKS functions similarly to prestigious business consultancy firms but is staffed by graduate business students, who work with various businesses to help them solve problems and grow.  Referred to as business analysts, they work under the direction of the ELSEWORKS faculty team of Dr. David Culpepper, Dr. Blakely Fender, Dr. Ray Grubbs, and Dr. Penelope Prenshaw.  Paul Thomas, Project Coordinator, facilitates the day-to-day work of the business analysts. 

While ELSEWORKS has supported various entrepreneurial endeavors in the state, the primary focus of ELSEWORKS has been “across the street” from the campus in the Midtown community.  Almost nine years have passed since Millsaps College received its initial grant from the Robert M. Hearin Support Foundation to build the creative economy in Midtown, and ELSEWORKS, in partnership with Midtown Partners, began work with business owners, residents, and partners in the neighborhood.  Our work provides experiential learning opportunities while giving students a way to actively and purposefully engage with and influence our local community through strategic partnerships. 

You could make a difference at any of these businesses in Midtown.

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