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Robotics Engineers

Elevate Your Engineering Career With a Millsaps MBA

Enterprise Planning Engineer
MBA 2020

Find out why Dylan chose to earn his MBA, and how it has impacted his career at Entergy.

Reasons why an Engineer needs an MBA

1:  An MBA will provide you with a very well-rounded business education.  The Millsaps MBA covers everything from marketing to finance, leadership and management. You can even specialize in a subject like Data Analytics. 

2:  Build your communication skills to allow you to become the bridge between tech experts and leadership decision-makers.   The Business Communication course is a core business domain in the Millsaps MBA.  We want you to be able to effectively communicate with your team, decision-makers, and clients.

3:  Many MBA programs revolve around case studies.  Harvard Business Review case studies and Wall Street Journal articles are often used our MBA program.  These case studies offer opportunities for engaging discussion and let students try out different approaches to a particular challenge and learn from experience with limited risk.

4:   Further your career.  Career progression often means moving into a management role, which requires a broader skill set beyond technical expertise.  An Engineering MBA will give you solution-based skills combined with an understanding of commercial objectives.   This unique combination is extremely appealing to recruiters and employers.

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Pairing Nick's engineering skills with a Millsaps MBA is preparing him for leadership roles.

Nick Peltier

Nick Peltier earned a Mechanical and Aero-nautical Engineering degree and was now  “eager to learn business concepts and strategies.”  That’s what lead him to the Else School of Management at Millsaps College.  The program fit his schedule.  As an employee at Eaton Aerospace, Nick is able to attend classes after work. 

“I wanted to further my career, and I aspire to hold a management position and continue to work my way up the corporate ladder.  I chose Millsaps because they offered a great program with the added benefits of in-person learning and scholarship opportunities.”

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