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Blakely F. Fender

  • Professor of Economics

  • J. Armistead Brown Chair of Business Administration

  • Director, EMBA, and MBA programs

  • Director of EMBA MBA, and BAP Programs



Murrah Hall 112-C


BA  |  Millsaps College

MS, Ph.D.  |  University of Texas at Austin

Blakely Fender


  • ECON 1000 - Principles of Economics

  • ECON 3010 - Intermediate Microeconomics Theory

  • ECON 3030 - Econometric & Applied Stats


  • ECON 500 - Survey of Economics

  • ECON 679 – Decision Making Under Uncertainty


  • ECON 702 – Decision Making

  • ECON 703 – Economics for Managers


I am a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Millsaps College, where I received a BA in economics. After receiving my PhD in economics at the University of Texas at Austin, I joined the faculty of the Else School of Management at Millsaps. I knew the significance of a Millsaps education and wanted to be a part of that experience.

My background in consulting taught me the value of statistical modeling and the information it can provide us to help solve problems. Whether I’m teaching econometrics, managerial analysis, or labor economics, I bring that pragmatic, evidence-based approach to the classes I teach. 

I also enjoy giving my students opportunities to practice problem-solving beyond the classroom setting. For example, one of my students completed an honors project that helped a local financial institution better serve low-income Mississippians. Other students used their problem-solving skills to help 5th and 6th grade students at Midtown Charter School understand the basics of entrepreneurship. With the input and guidance of Millsaps students, the 5th and 6th graders created and sold a comic book about the entrepreneurial efforts of superhero Midbot in the Midtown community across the street from Millsaps. Helping my students acquire economic skills that they can use to better their communities is one of the greatest rewards of teaching.


Fender, B.F., Burke, K.G. and Taylor, S.W. (2018). Recommendations from the Field: Expanding Business Education in the Small School Environment. Business Education Innovation Journal, 10(2), pp. 68-76.

Burke, K.B., Fender, B.F. and Taylor, S.W. (2018). Overlooked Authors: Financial Returns to Publications for Faculty at Non-Doctoral Granting Institutions. Journal of Academic Administration in Higher Education, 14(1), pp. 11-24.

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