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Jesse Beeler

  • Professor of Accounting

  • Hyman F. McCarty Jr. Chair of Business Administration



Murrah Hall 112-B


  • BS, MBA  |  Southwest Missouri State University

  • Ph.D.  |  University of Texas, Arlington

Jesse Beeler


  • ACCT 3000 - Intermediate Financial Accounting

  • ACCT 4080 - Advanced Managerial Accounting

  • MGMT 2020 - International Business - Latin America


  • ACCT 581 – Intermediate Financial Accounting

  • ACCT 620 – Advanced Financial Accounting

  • ACCT 675 – Accounting Theory

  • ACCT 707 – Managerial Accounting

  • EMGT 600 – International Studies Management


During my teaching career my primary goal has been to help young people develop their ability to think creatively and analytically and develop morally and intellectually. I strive to not only be a teacher but a mentor, role model, and friend to my students. For example, I supervised many independent studies and internships. Several of the directed studies have resulted in research that has been presented at professional meetings and/or published in professional journals. 

I also strive to involve students and business leaders in an interactive learning environment by bringing real world experiences into the classroom. For instance, I regularly schedule partners from accounting firms in Jackson to present cases drawn from their current practice to my Advanced Financial Accounting Theory and Problems class.  

I have been very active in the Accounting Residency Program helping place our students in positions that allow them to gain professional work experience before graduation. These activities are critical for expanding partnerships between the College and the regional and national business community. We have had an almost 100 percent placement rate for students who graduate from our M.Acc. Program during the past 20 years.  

Globalization of business requires accounting educators to take on the challenge of preparing our students to be much more than merely technically competent accountants. As educators, we must foster and nurture an entrepreneurial spirit in our students and motivate them to strive to achieve life goals that go beyond ordinary endeavors. By offering an academically challenging, innovative curriculum we must provide students a strong foundation in fundamental business skills as well as general abilities such as critical thinking, communication, quantitative thinking, historical consciousness and multicultural awareness.

Of growing importance is the need to create a focus on global awareness and cultural sensitivity.  We must educate our students to the reality that globalization of business is a fact of life and that its increasing importance in business and in society will impact them personally.

Business educators must convey these lessons with a sense of urgency. The future is now, and we must broaden accounting education so that our graduates can help lead the economy of this country as we compete beyond our local, state, and national borders. To accomplish these objectives, we educators must take a personal interest in our students’ entire professional life. We must be available to serve as role models, mentors, and advocates for our students. We must create programs and connections that will place our students into the broader world.

If you strive to create leaders for the future of accounting and business, you can no longer simply stay in the classroom and teach your students the technical elements of accounting. We must commit to travel with students for extended periods to introduce them to the broader world, local, regional, national and beyond to the international business community.


Beeler, J.D. and Panter, J. (2018). Accounting for Carbon Credits, European Journal of Management, 18 (2), PP. 91-100L.

Beeler J.D. and Panter, J. (2018, Fall). Green House Gases and Carbon Accounting. International Journal of the Academic Business World, 12(2), pp. 59-66.

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