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Monika Rawal

  • Assistant Professor of Marketing

  • Kelly Gene Cook Chair



Murrah Hall 104


BS  |  Pune University, India
MBA  |  Jamia Millia Islamia University, India
Ph.D.  |  Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Monika Rawal


  • MRKT 3000 - Principles of Marketing

  • MRKT 4020 - Marketing Research


  • MRKT 624 – Advanced Brand Management

  • MRKT 626 – Marketing Research with SPSS


I teach marketing courses like Marketing Research, Principles of Marketing, and Brand Management. I love to teach these courses because all of the marketing courses are exciting and provide knowledge that can help students in any business-related career. These courses make students understand the importance of customer value and relationships.

In my class, I firstly focus on building relationships with my students based on mutual respect and trust. Then, I plan my sessions to be more interactive to keep my students involved by 1) asking a lot of questions, and 2) inviting the students to ask a lot of questions by keeping my discussions open and allowing them the freedom to express themselves. I believe that effective use of questions is a powerful approach to help students learn, as it stimulates thinking.

I always try to make my sessions as interesting as possible by bringing in a lot of present day examples which students can quickly relate to. To enhance students’ interest, I also utilize hands-on activities that require students to apply the concepts discussed in class.

Lastly, I believe teaching is a two-way learning process, one for the students and one for the teacher. A good teacher must learn constantly, and I always remain willingly committed to doing so.


Torres, J.L.S., Rawal, M. and Bagherzadeh, R. (2020). Role of Brand Attachment in Customers’ Evaluation of Service Failure. Journal of Product & Brand Management, 29(4).

Bagherzadeh, R., Rawal, M., Wei, M. and Torres, J.S.L. (2020). The Journey from Customer Participation in Service Failure to Co-creation in Service Recovery. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 54, 102058.

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