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Penelope Prenshaw

Professor of Marketing



Murrah Hall 113-A


BS, MBA  |  University of Southern Mississippi
Ph.D.  |  University of Houston

Penelope Prenshaw


  • ENTR 3010 - Innovation

  • MRKT 3000 - Principles of Marketing


  • ENTR 699 – Entrepreneurship Practicum

  • MRKT 521 - Survey of Marketing

  • MRKT 705 – Marketing Management


I have great passion for my chosen field of study, which I try to demonstrate in every class session. My marketing profession, too, provides me with many avenues for displaying an enthusiasm for learning that makes for an interesting classroom experience.

We are surrounded by marketers’ creations in the form of advertisements, websites, and brand images competing for our attention and our dollars. Marketers filter much of what we learn about the world, such as when we see images of rich or beautiful people in TV commercials or magazines. Ads show us how the mass culture expects us to act and what merchandisers hope to convince us to purchase.

To involve my students with the subject matter requires a curriculum design that emphasizes the use of experiential learning. I often employ class projects that require the students to “get out in the real world” to solve marketing-related problems. My teaching strategy is based upon the fundamental premise that the classroom can be a rewarding and exciting place. Emphasizing participation provides an environment that encourages creative thought and convergence of ideas with marketing skills. Class participation provides the students with the opportunity to develop skills in presenting points of view and in listening; these skills are as valuable as the “techniques” discussed during the course.

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