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CFP® Application

The CFP® Board requires us to submit certain information as part of our Preferred Education Provider status.  Please fill out this form completely so we can process your application into this program.

Note:  Items with an asterisk (*) are required.

Please enter address where you want to receive course materials and/or correspondence:

Millsaps requires payment for the class ten (10) business days before the first day of class.  

Please note that Millsaps will bill one class at a time. 

Course materials may only be shipped after payment has been received.


You may withdraw from the program up to five business days before any class begins.

Select Program or Class(es)

CFP® Program Policies

Registration Process

The first step is completion of this form and submission of payment for FP100 - General Principles. Course materials will be shipped directly to you from our partner, Zahn Associates, Inc., approximately one week prior to the start date of class.  

Your instructor will verify that you will continue in the program on the third weekend of class and notify Millsaps. Millsaps will then set up invoicing and order course materials to be shipped to you, or help you take the next class online through TCC/Zahn.  You will receive an email confirmation.

Tuition Fees & Billing

The cost for each class is $800.  This includes all course materials.  The cost for all seven classes is $5,600.  Payment is due prior to the start of class.  Millsaps will bill you for one class at a time in the amount of $800.  On the final invoice, you will be billed the CFP® Board's Education Completion Submission Fee of $195.  This $195 fee must be paid before Millsaps can submit any student's education verification to the CFP® Board.

Student will not be charged this Completion Fee when:

  • Student completes only the Capstone course.  Student must self-report to CFP® Board.

  • Student who attends multiple registered programs must self-report course completion certificates/transcripts to the CFP® Board.

Attendance & Make-Up Sessions

Students attend class online with a live instructor using either the Millsaps Learning Management System (LMS) or Zoom. The platform is chosen by the professor.  Students are given instructions on how to join the class.  It is preferred that students join using a computer/tablet and have their camera turned on.  Joining by phone only is not an option.


Students are required to attend all classes in order to meet the CFP® Board Education hours requirement.  Any missed class time (lessons) must be made up in the Zahn Online Student Portal before the next class session.  Each missed lesson can be taken through Zahn's online portal at a fee of $25 per lesson missed.  You will pay Zahn directly.


If you will miss more than one weekend of classes, Millsaps recommends that you take that class online through TCC/Zahn.  We have seen better grades and success rates from this policy.  In Estate Planning (FP600) and Capstone (FP700), students cannot miss any classes/lessons and are required to immediately transfer online if class is missed. Students will be able to rejoin the instructor-led class in the next class if they have completed the online class before the next class begins.  This option allows for flexibility in the program for unexpected life happenings.

Withdrawal / Refund Policy


Students may cancel their enrollment by notifying Millsaps in writing a minimum of five business days prior to the first scheduled class session for full tuition. This refund can only be processed after the materials have been returned.


Should Millsaps cancel a course, full tuition will be refunded.


No refunds are permitted after a course begins or due to absences from part or all of a course.


Partial refunds will be processed if materials are not returned in new and unused condition.

Thanks for submitting your application!  You will receive an email confirming your registration.  If you don't see it in your inbox, please check your junk folder.

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