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Financial Services

Earn an MBA with a focus in Finance.

Gain the managerial skills to assume leadership while focusing on your career in the financial services industry.  Students will enroll in three of the following classes:

  • Financial Management

  • Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

  • Louis Wilson Fund (Student Managed Fund I and II)

The Louis Wilson seeks to help students develop skills in obtaining, under-standing, and evaluating economic, industry, and fundamental and technical security analysis, and to effectively communicate the research to financial professionals.  Business leaders across the nation participate as policy investment board members, making suggestions, offering advice, and providing data to students.



Professor Ken Qiu 

Millsaps Faculty


"Students who participate in the

Louis Wilson Fund gain real-world experience with managing a portfolio of stocks.  They learn from finance practitioners and faculty (with CFA designation) how to identify undervalued stocks with potential for growth over a 3–5-year period."

Students learn from experienced faculty and finance industry leaders.  Each year students will participate in the CFA Ethics Challenge and CFA Research Challenge.  In 2022, the Millsaps team won first place in the 2022 Mid-South CFA Challenge in Memphis, TN.


2022 Millsaps CFA Research Team:  Essence Davis, Paul Thomas, Carson Doles, John Netzinger


The Louis Wilson fund began in 1989 with a gift of $85,400.  Since that time, the fund has outperformed the S&P Index through research and portfolio management done by students who have participated in the program.

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