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Students have the option of selecting an area of focus, including marketing.  Each focus area is designated as a three-course unit (nine hours) of study that enables in-depth examination of that area of business management.

Students who elect to choose the marketing area of focus will enroll in two marketing courses and a three-credit internship.

Marketing Research (MRKT 626) 

This course focuses on how to gather, analyze, and make sense of the relevant information organizations need to make strategic decisions. This is a hands-on course that emphasizes the application of all the stages of the marketing research process using a local client.  In addition, students will learn SPSS and Qualtrics software systems.

Advanced Brand Management (MRKT 620) 
This course is designed to provide students with the practical knowledge about how a company can build and manage its products so that they are profitable to the company and at the same time adequately meet target customers' needs and wants.  The course elaborates the strategy, tactics, and governance that can create and sustain powerful and meaningful brands.  


Julia Williams  (MBA 2020)

Marketing Specialist 

Hope Enterprises Corporation


“After my acceptance into the MBA program, I knew right away that I wanted my area of focus to be in marketing.  In particular, I was interested in the Market Research and Brand Management courses and how to apply the content learned to digital marketing.  After I graduated in 2020, I started my own business, High LVL Consulting, where I work with small businesses managing their social media.  I recently started working at Hope Enterprise Corporation, where I manage their social media networks and communications.  If you are passionate about the world of marketing, I highly recommend you take these courses and others offered by the Else School of Management.”

Within both marketing courses, students will work a with a local business or organization and apply the concepts learned from each course.  Below is a list of previous clients.

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