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Expand on Your Existing Skills


Synarus Green

EMBA 2015

Dec 21, 2022

The faculty in the executive master’s in business administration program at Millsaps College inspire students to learn and expand on their existing skills.

Like most older students who choose to pursue graduate degrees, Synarus Green (EMBA 2015) wanted to expand his skill set and improve his career performance.  “I had an undergraduate degree in criminal justice, a masters in education, and was working as the city of Jackson’s chief administrative officer,” he said. “I wanted to expand my capacity to communicate and coordinate projects across city departments and professional disciplines.”

Green was attracted to the Millsaps program for a number of reasons. “I have always liked the small campus and family feel of Millsaps,” Green said. “And as a native of Jackson, I appreciated Millsaps’ historical relationship with schools like Tougaloo, who played significant roles for progress during the Civil Rights movement.”

The faculty and curriculum were also a draw. “It was a great, diverse curriculum,” Green recalled. “The faculty presented classroom content from both a theoretical and actual business experience perspective, and showed compassion as teachers for their students. Being a former educator, this was very important to me. I appreciate educators who know how to inspire students to want to learn and think – regardless of their age.”

The international portion of the program, held at the college’s conference facility in Merida, the capital of the Mexican state of Yucatan, made a strong impression on Green. “Working on your capstone business development project in a location where poverty is readily apparent truly speaks to Millsaps’ inherent desire to press forward while maintaining a keen awareness of serving the greater good. You can see how promoting ideals of hope to an underserved community, while working with its people to develop practical tools for business growth, creates an environment where a phenomenal return on investment can be realized.”

Green has seen the positive impact of his EMBA degree on his career, particularly when working across departments and areas of expertise. “My degree expanded my capacity to communicate my issues and concerns across multiple disciplines. For example, criminal justice and public administration issues do not always translate well in fiscal discussions. My degree has also helped me to better understand and communicate more effectively and efficiently with my staff in finance and accounting, which in turn makes it easier to complete projects together more quickly. And when time is money, this proves to be a great asset for me.”

Green is currently the federal liaison and compliance coordinator for Hinds County, Mississippi, to the U.S. Department of Justice.

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