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Millsaps College Offered a Total Package


Tanner Menist

MAcc 2018

Jan 27, 2023

Tanner Menist (BBA, MAcc) chose Millsaps College because it offered him a total package – people and opportunities. “Millsaps allowed me the opportunity to pursue my passion on the football field and a top-tier education in the classroom,” he says.  Tanner also saw a diverse, yet close-knit, community that would challenge him to achieve his full potential.

After earning his BBA in Accounting, Tanner decided to pursue his Master of Accountancy at the Millsaps College Else School of Management. “I was able to play my final season of collegiate football in the semester, prepare for and pass the CPA exam in the spring semester, and serve as an ELSEWORKS Business Analyst the entire year.  The combination of those experiences, along with my familiarity with the outstanding professors and mentors in the business school, made Millsaps the best choice for me.”

Serving as an ELSEWORKS Business Analyst was Tanner’s most meaningful experience. In collaboration with the Else School faculty, the ELSEWORKS program allows students to work together with local businesses and owners to provide real-time business solutions. “I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work on a wide array of projects during my graduate year, including the Midtown Art Park & Beer Garden, Coffee Prose, Pearl River Glass, and the AND Art Gallery. The technical experience I gained from working on these projects ranged from financial modeling, proforma development, and fundraising to marketing research and financial statement analysis, to understanding the legal and accounting requirements of obtaining 501 (c) (3) non-profit status.”

Tanner credits his relationships with the Else School faculty with having a positive impact on his career. “The Else School’s faculty are the whole package – intelligent, experienced, innovative, professional, and most of all caring. It is clear that the faculty have a vested interest in their students’ development personally, academically, and professionally. The relationships built with my Else School professors during my time at Millsaps extend far beyond the walls of Murrah Hall and will last for years to come.”

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