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Millsaps Shaped Who I am Today


Florence Williams Bauer

MAcc 2011

Jan 25, 2023

Florence Williams Bauer (MAcc 2011) was initially attracted to Millsaps College because of its small, community-oriented feel. She says: “I looked at a few of the honors colleges in the state, but I also knew that I wanted to major in accounting, so the Else School within Millsaps College was too perfect to pass up.”

Bauer’s transition to the Master of Accountancy (MAcc) program was almost seamless. “I really enjoyed the interactions I had with my undergraduate professors in the Else School, and I wanted to have that level of familiarity as I progressed through the graduate program.  The Millsaps MAcc program allowed me to meet the education requirements of the CPA exam, and I could start taking classes in the last semester of my senior year. I also got to participate in an internship between my junior and senior year.”

When asked how her Millsaps experience impacted her career, Bauer replied: “In one word: Completely! As an undergraduate, I was exposed to a diverse student body. I had to communicate and work with people who might be very different from myself.  That is one of the hardest things to do in a real job – deal with different personalities, forge relationships, and work towards a common goal. Also, the liberal background means I learned how to think and how to write. You would be surprised how much writing is involved in accounting or business in general. In my job, I must be able to read guidance on some accounting standard, interpret and apply it towards the current work I am doing, and be able to communicate it to my coworkers.”

Finally, Baer says: “The experience I had at Millsaps shaped who I am today. Of course, I got an excellent education, but I also had tremendous growth as a person. My personal beliefs were tested. I had to face my own misconceptions and take on leadership for the first time in my life.  I got to do all of that in a close-knit community where I felt comfortable enough to do so.  It really is a wonderful place, made so by its faculty, students, and staff.”

Florence Williams Bauer is a senior manager at Horne LLP.

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