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My Executive MBA Helped Me Move Into Higher Levels of Management


Joel Huber

EMBA 2019

Dec 21, 2022

Huber knew he would need an MBA to move into the higher levels of management. “I wanted to move forward in my organization, and my then-employer used my lack of an MBA as an excuse to refuse to consider me,” he said. “I was initially attracted to the Millsaps EMBA program because the college’s reputation for quality commands respect.”

Huber was a working professional when he began his search for a graduate program that would work for him. With degrees in math and classical languages from the University of Southern Mississippi, he was concerned about the time commitment associated with traditional MBA programs. “It certainly helped that the Millsaps EMBA program met on the weekends and could be completed in 16 months,” Huber said.  And the experience was enjoyable. IHuber also shared, “The faculty are not only passionate about what they do, they are very personable. Class can actually be fun! I also found my cohort to be a great source of wisdom and support. As the youngest member of my cohort, my peers helped me grow into the leader I am today. I wouldn’t have found my success without their patience and support.”

Although the time and financial commitments may seem great, Huber believes the EMBA program is worth it. He earned his degree in 2019, and is currently a senior systems analyst at NSPARC, which he says is “at least two or three steps up from where I was before the EMBA program.”

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