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The Else School of Management Faculty are the Olympic Dream Team


Michael Moore

MBA 2010

Feb 19, 2021

Michael Moore (BBA 2009, MBA 2010) originally came to Millsaps College to continue his football career, but he was also attracted by the intimate classroom environment. “I knew that if I were to succeed as a student athlete, it was important to have professors who cared about my success in the classroom as well as on the football field,” he recalled.

Moore found that the comradery he found in football extended to the whole campus. “As an underclassman, I could go to upperclassmen and ask them about experiences and certain classes and activities,” Moore said. “Then as I grew within the college, I could share my knowledge with those coming in. This not only helped me succeed and graduate, but I hope it also helped the others behind me.”

Asked how Millsaps College has impacted his career, Moore stated that he “wanted to become a financial advisor to help others succeed financially. The leadership and communication skills, along with the knowledge and understanding of business practices I learned at the Else School of Management, help me facilitate success for my overall team.” In September 2020, Moore started a new position as a financial consultant with Regions Bank in Houston, Texas.

Moore’s advice for prospective Millsaps students is to embrace the intimate atmosphere of the college. “The Else School faculty is like an Olympic dream team, and every one of them wants you to succeed. They will do all they can to help you to succeed.” 

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