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Cultivating Conscious Leadership

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

The 2023 Orientation for the new EMBA cohort was held on January 5 - 6. Executive Coaches, Deirdre Danahar and Chuck Sampson led ice breaker exercises and presented their first leadership session: Cultivating Conscious Leadership.

"EMBA students come into the experience as a group of relative strangers and leave with new awareness and recognition about their motivation for participating in the Millsaps EMBA program, their adaptability and who they are as leaders. Students begin to consciously make connections between their own and their cohort mates' experience, thoughts, and behaviors. This understanding prepares each individually and collectively to meet the challenge of growing academically, professionally and personally as through the EMBA experience." — Deirdre Danahar, MSW, MPH, LCSW, PCC | InMotion Consulting & Coaching President

Cultivating Conscious Leadership Workshop:

Student Perspectives:

"I learned about myself and they [Deirdre and Chuck] gave me more confidence in my own knowledge."

"Although somewhat uncomfortable at first with all of the new people being shoved into the bright lights together and going through personal sharing sessions, ultimately it was quite effective in getting us familiar with one another enough to serve as a base for what was to come."

"The icebreaker exercises stood out most to me. What I loved about them was that they really allowed us to gain an understanding of each other experiences. I felt an immediate connection to my cohort and was a lot less intimidated by what was to come. They set us off on a great start to the EMBA experience." — Thabi Moyo

"I love Deirdre’s ability to quickly reframe something to make it sound better, and Chuck’s ability to use humor helps us ease into class." — Victoria Pumford


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